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Age of Wonders III Gameplay Video – Archdruid, Random Map Generator

Triumph Studios has released a lengthy (and humorous) gameplay video showing off the Archdruid class and a randomly generated map in their upcoming Notch-funded, long-awaited sequel Age of Wonders III. Check out the video below for Draconian druids, dragons riding dragons, and a lovable charmed boar named Porky.

It’s been over ten years since Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, and the upcoming sequel takes full advantage of a new 3D engine (evolved from Triumph’s Overlord series) and a nice-looking user interface that borrows heavily from the now-gold standard for turn-based strategyCivilization V. For newcomers to the series Age of Wonders III looks like the perfect marriage between Civ V and Heroes of Might and Magic with some interesting RPG mechanics.

Age of Wonders III will feature six races (Human, High Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Goblin, and Draconian) and six classes (Dreadnought, Sorcerer, Rogue, Archdruid, Theocrat, Warlord) that can be mixed and matched to create a unique play style. A campaign playable from the good and evil side, official scenarios, online and hot seat multiplayer, and a random map generator should ensure plenty of content, and the developers have promised a full map editor and friendly modding tools.

The random map generator is explained in greater detail in a recent developer post on the official site, detailing the complexity and fine-tuning to make each map balanced and fair while providing a large amount of replayability. The generator’s menus and options look almost directly inspired from Civ V, and that’s a good thing.

Age of Wonders III is currently scheduled to release this March. For more information check out the official website, and follow Triumph Studios on twitter.

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