Week of Love: More Video Game Haikus

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we at Leviathyn thought it fitting to dedicate this week to spending lots of mon…erm, love.  Like movies, TV and your local Wal-Mart, video games are filled with blossoming romances and sappy love stories.  As a master of the poetic arts, I took it upon myself to write some odes to our favorite video game romances.  I hope you enjoy.



Mass Effect

Love Is In The Air
Yes It Is With Liara
Blue Aliens Rule


Super Mario Bros

Chasing Bowser Now
Must Stop Him And The Princess
From Finding True Love


Ride To Hell: Retribution

Time To Meet Some Chicks!
Mature Content For The Win
We Are Fully Clothed?



Holding Hands Is Fun
Leading You Through The Castle
I Don’t Understand


The Witcher

All The Girls Love
Me, Geralt Of Rivia
Probably My Hair



Chasing The Princess
For Why, I Don’t Really Know
Wait…Atomic Bomb?


Gears of War

Oh Marcus Fenix
Underneath Your Tough Façade
Just A Hole…Really?


Final Fantasy X

Tidus And Yuna
Commence Awkwardly Laughing
Equals Fall In Love?


Double Dragon

Billy And Jimmy
Why Must You Fight Each Other
She Ain’t Worth It Bros.


Flappy Bird

Others Hate You, But
Flappy Bird, You Complete Me
Wait, No I Hate You


If you enjoyed these, be sure to check out the rest of our tribute to Valentine’s Day in the Week of Love!  We have everything ranging from our favorite virtual getaways, to our lonely hearts club, to gamings most unconventional couples. Give them a look!

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