Chamber of Game Solo: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Chamber of Game is Leviathyn’s series of videos that showcase a lengthy stretch of gameplay from a hand-picked title. Through commentary, our focus is to provide an ample amount of resources for you to judge a game without having to play it yourself. Whether you’re intrigued, disgusted or neutral on the matter, Chamber of Game is for everyone who wants just a little more information about the game in question!

The realm of the 3D-plane has arguably been a point Castlevania die-hards have been squabbling over for sometime. Previous incarnations, Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness, were fun games in their own right, but with what both lacked the Lords of Shadow series has picked-up. Yes, its bumbling madness is beyond crazy at some points, but Lords of Shadow contains the best free-form combat and visuals the franchise has ever known. Lords of Shadow 2 drops on February 25th and with what we show you in the video, you can rest assured that MercurySteam’s final chapter won’t be a boring one.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the direction the original Lords of Shadow game took the series. While it did contain enough references and materials to make it feel like a Castlevania game, it just barely was enough. Taking away a few notable items, the Belmont name and, of course, the Castlevania name itself, Lords of Shadow could have easily been a different game. There was too many beast-riding/taming segments, Shadow of the Colossus-type boss moments and uninspiring fluff that made the game feel like it overstayed its welcome. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Shadow of the Colossus, but the constant towering bosses just didn’t feel Castlevania-ish to me. Saying all of this, Lords of Shadow 2 appears to have found a sweet spot where it fits in nicely.


Unsurprisingly, the demo covers a towering boss or so I thought. A massive clockwork golem beast knocks on your front door and wants a piece of the Dark Lord himself – to which I obliged (not like I had a choice). In actuality, as the fight stretched on I began to realize it was more of a stage and a road to the gold-plated angry winged paladin than a direct fight with the golem. For this, I was greatly pleased and am now, more than ever, looking forward to seeing the other boss appearances.

Another point I’ll focus on here is the brand new Void Sword and Chaos Claws. Besides sounding otherworldy cool, both new weapons take over for the Light and Dark empowerment of Lords of Shadow. In Lords of Shadow 2 all that’s needed is a simple shoulder button-press and, BOOM, one of the aforementioned chaos weapons of doom appear in Dracula’s hands. This shift in weapon capability reminds me a lot of last year’s incredible DMC: Devil May Cry reboot. That game handled weapons, combos and shifting seamlessly between them in unparalleled fashion; Lords of Shadow 2 is close to mimicking its effectiveness.

That’ll end it for now, but make sure to comment and check out our other Chamber of Game episodes! Also, expect to see more Lords of Shadow 2 content soon!