Headset Adapter For Xbox One Sells Out Fast, Headset Still Available

Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb recently tweeted that the new headset adapter and headset for the Xbox One were available for pre-order on the Microsoft website. Two minutes later, he tweeted that they had gone out of stock.

The headset adapter allows the use of Xbox 360 headsets (with the small 2.5mm headset cable) or regular stereo headsets with the 3.5mm cable to plug into the bottom of the Xbox One controller, allowing voice chat without buying a new headset. It does appear, as of writing, to be out of stock on the website, but Hryb said that he would tweet an update when they restocked. The headset still appears to be available for pre-order.


The headset sells for $79.99 and allows game and chat audio to be played through the headset, while the headset adapter sells for $24.99 and only allows chat audio to be heard, without extra cables.