Nobunaga the Fool Episode 6 Review: Episode With a Body Count

After the events of the fifth episode, one would think that a respite from drama would occur in the next episode. This is not the case for Nobunaga the Fool. The death of Nobuhide only causes more problems, and leads to an even bigger body count as the Oda Clan tears itself apart in the chaos of the Clan Leader’s demise.

The first thing I noticed this episode, was the box that apparently contains the inheritance that Nobuhide had hoped to bestow upon Nobunaga someday. It’s brought up twice and is then left in the care of Nobu’s sister Ichihime. Obviously, this box is going to come into play at some point. My prediction is that it has a regalia pendant inside and that it will be ridiculously overpowered when applied to a Grand War Armor. If that’s the case, it’s too bad that Nobunaga didn’t have access to it sooner.

ntf6_screenshot2Nobuhide’s funeral takes place in this episode, and at first Nobunaga doesn’t show up. Then in a shocking and bold move, Nobunaga arrives and throws his father’s ashes all over the altar in a seemingly disrespectful manner. Time and time again it has been implied that there is reason behind all of Nobu’s actions, but for the life of me I can’t see it in this particular situation. Nobu clear is grieving for his father, he just seems to do it in a different way than others. He seems to like taking a cold shower via a waterfall and screaming at the top of his lungs. Everyone has their own way of coping with loss, and this is his way I suppose.

Jeanne is officially done with Nobunaga after his latest stunt, and plans on leaving. Not even Da Vinci is able to convince her to stay, even with his mystical tarot cards. Although I imagine that Jeanne’s departure plans have changed after the events of this episode but more on that later. As usual she does have a brief argument with Himiko as her and her little companion pet do their best impression of May Chang and Xiao Mei from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood with the similar facial expressions every time Himiko talks.

ntf6_screenshot4Nobukatsu, Nobunaga’s little brother, is between a rock and a hard place now that his father has passed away. All of his father’s advisers and followers pressure him to become the next Clan Leader instead of Nobunaga. Nobukatsu is unwilling, but believes it’s his only option in order to save the clan from destruction. Unfortunately, Nobukatsu soon finds himself the target of one of Nobunaga’s few followers. In a more peaceful time, it’s possible Nobukatsu might not have met his unfortunate and early end.

Mitsu is not someone to be messed with, that much is clear. He believes that Nobukatsu will not be allowed to step down and give Clan Leadership to Nobunaga. So Mitsu does the unexpected and assassinates Nobukatsu while wearing a demon mask. This is exactly what the advisers attempt to have done on Nobunaga, but Nobunaga is saved by Himiko who sacrifices herself in order to save him. The assassin is killed by the mysterious masked girls who have appeared briefly in several episodes now, and it is still unclear as to their role aside from hiding in the shadows and preventing at least one assassination.

ntf6_screenshot8I imagine the next episode is going to be intense, due to the fact that both Nobukatsu and Himiko have been killed in the same evening. This will likely create more chaos in the Oda Clan, and I can only imagine Nobunaga’s reaction when he discovers that his brother has died. There goes the theoretical love triangle between Nobunaga, Jeanne, and Himiko. My only complaint with the series so far would be the fact that the Star of the West doesn’t have much of a presence in the story, and that everything is focusing entirely on the Star of the East instead. I’m hoping that there will be more about the Star of the West and the Knights of the Round Table in the near future.