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Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight: The 10 Finalists

After the long awaited release of Act 1 of Broken Age, I didn’t expect to see the San Francisco-based developer of Psychonauts and Brutal Legend in the gaming news so soon but with the beginning of Double Fine’s infamous game-jam (known as Amnesia Fortnight), things at the studio have never been more exciting.

For those who haven’t heard of it, Amnesia Fortnight is a semi-annual game-jam hosted by Double Fine in which the entire development team halts work on all projects for two weeks (sorry Broken Age and Massive Chalice Backers!) and breaks into small teams – each of which pitches a new game idea to the company. After a voting process, the most popular of these pitches then gets made into a prototype and then the most popular of those prototypes gets made into a full game that Double Fine eventually releases. The game-jam has led to all sorts of great games from Double Fine in the past (Costume Quest, Stacking, Spacebase-DF9 and the upcoming Hack’n’Slash have all come out of Amnesia Fortnight) and it’ll be exciting to see what games come out of this year’s event.

Like last year’s event, this year’s Amnesia Fortnight is being run alongside a charity drive through Humble Bundle. For the low price of a dollar (the money going to charity), gamers can buy in to both vote on the prototypes and keep up on the event through daily video documentaries being produced by 2 Player Productions. However that’s not to say that Amnesia Fortnight 2014 isn’t bringing anything new to the table with one of this year’s teams being led by Pendleton Ward (the creator of Adventure Time).

The event’s first wave of voting has already concluded and the remaining ten pitches are as follows:


Steed Steed

A game where you play as a horse-for-hire and ferry inept heroes across a storybook fantasy world.





An exploration game where players explore an abandoned spacecraft found drifting into space – described as Gone Home in space.



Eras of AdventureEras of Adventure

An adventure game that takes players through different eras of gaming – starting as a text adventure and later evolving into modern point and click.





An open-world action puzzler where you observe and take on the characteristics of alien wildlife in order to survive in their ecosystem.



Project 行Project Xing

An elemental fighting game inspired by Super Smash Bros. and the ‘Bending’ of The Last Airbender animated series.





Breach is a genre-blending space-Western game about crippling and then boarding spaceships.




What Could Go WrongWhatcouldgowrong

An adventure game inspired by 80s and 90s slasher films.





A first person noir adventure game in which you explore the surreal memories of your past in order to solve a murder.




Dear LeaderDear Leader

An emergent narrative game inspired by the recent indie-hit Papers, Please in which you play a despotic ruler attempting to guide a post-revolution Republic





Ether is a game about exploring the ruins of crashed spaceships on a lonely desolate island.



Pendleton Ward’s project has yet to be chosen but Amnesia Fortnight 2014 is already looking like it’s going to be a pretty exciting affair and you can expect more Leviathyn coverage over the course of the two-week event. Personally, I’m super excited for Steed and What Could Go Wrong. You can see all of the individual pitch videos on the Humble Bundle site.

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  1. RogueWatson

    Breach is described as “FTL and Mass Effect,” which sounds crazy ambitious and amazing. I really love the whole concept behind Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight, and the more public persona they’ve taken on since Kickstarter has been really interesting.

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