Love Hotel Slider

Who’s That Game? Love Hotel

Platform: Windows PC
Developer: 3 Silly Hats
Publisher: 3 Silly Hats
Release Date: 7/14/2013


Who’s That Game stars our very own Aaron Randolph as he plays weird and unique indie games blind so you don’t have to.

It’s the week of Valentine’s Day, which is my second least favorite holiday after Hitler’s birthday. To get through it, I’m playing Love Hotel, a free hotel management sim available on Desura by 3 Silly Hats. How exciting will it be maintaining a hotel where couples are getting their groove on? Let’s just say this has been edited to show just the highlights. Otherwise, there would’ve been long stretches of couples getting their mack on in the janitor’s closet.

Love Hotel is actually surprisingly good. I’ve never been big into simulation games of any kind, and management simulators in particular have always sounded like a special kind of hell, but Love Hotel succeeds by being both charming and well-balanced, and the retro-style graphics are cute and colorful. And it’s free, no microtransactions whatsoever, but if you enjoy it and want to show the developers some appreciation, they are accepting donations on their website.

Check out the game for yourself on Desura. It’s completely free!