The Floor is Jelly Review: A Fun and Unique Platformer

Platform: Windows PC/ Mac OS
Developer: Ian Snyder
Publisher: Ian Snyder
Release Date: 1/30/2014


From the moment I bought The Floor is Jelly from the Humble Store I knew I was in for something fun. I was impressed by everything this platformer had to offer as everything from its game play to its music and art direction is nearly perfect. It builds upon a simple premise to create a fantastic playing experience.

The name says it all in The Floor is Jelly as the floor is in fact jelly and affects your every move – every surface in this game is a Non-Newtonian fluid which gives the floors jelly-like properties and can act like trampolines. How you use the floor determines how you move and advance through the levels.

As the floor is a Non-Newtonian fluid, it will only change if you move; stand still and the floor will act like a solid surface. However as you start moving the floor starts to change. As you jump you will sink into the ground but will give you a jump boost as well.

The gameplay for The Floor is Jelly is solid and a lot of fun. The controls are tight and reminiscent of Super Meat Boy – any mistake or death will be on you and not on the game. Also like in Super Meat Boy you have the ability to cling to walls and perform wall jumps. However, The Floor is Jelly is not nearly as hard and is not trying to constantly kill you. There are puzzles and spikes that can kill you, but the game feels more like a journey than a challenge. Even though you will die a few times you will never get angry as the game uses your deaths to teach you about new gameplay concepts or teach you how to get around an obstacle. You will never feel like the game is trying to punish you over and over until you want to quit.

The floor is jelly gameplay

Being able to use the floor to jump higher is the key to success.


Each different section changes the game up a little bit, creating a fun and exciting experience. For example, there are water levels and levels where the world rotates; each new section will force you to think a little bit differently. For example, in the water level the water forces you to the surface and while in the water you move opposite as you would on land.

The music deserves a special mention as it is very tranquil and soothing while you play.  The soundtrack was done by Disasterpeace who also did the music for Fez. The music helps to draw you into the world and also helps to keep you calm as you play through the levels. The audio made me feel at peace while playing and really helped to enhance the experience.

The art design for The Floor is Jelly is just beautiful. It is just pure eye candy and the use of simple aesthetics works really well. The art for this game is just mesmerizing as you can get lost in the simple beauty that this game can offer. Ian Snyder did an awesome job in making each of the different worlds feel unique.

The Floor is Jelly is a pretty game that makes use of a simplistic art style.

Just one example of how beautiful this game can be.


My only real big complaint is that you can get lost easily, and that can slow down the fun. As there are no maps or any guidance you can get lost, and oftentimes not sure which way you have to go.The simple addition of a map would have made the experience so much better.

 You can grab The Floor is Jelly off of the Humble Store and it is worth every penny. You will have a good time playing this unique little platformer and it remains a fun experience throughout the entire game.