Worms Battlegrounds Coming To Xbox One and PS4

Team 17 announced that they will be bringing their long-running Worms series to PS4 and Xbox One.  The series is making its first move to next-gen, and will be one of the first titles to use Microsoft’s new self-publishing service [email protected]

A depressingly low number of details has been released on the game.  We have a logo, and we know that the title will release sometime this year.  That’s about it.  Worms has always been a multiplayer-focused title, so it will be interesting to see what direction they take the franchise, and what they mean by Battlegrounds?  Will this be a new 3D title, or will it mark a return to their 2D roots?  More importantly, could we finally see a real-time Worms game?

If nothing else, it will be interesting to see how Team 17 feels about the [email protected] initiative.  Developers seemed tentatively optimistic about the program when it was announced, so we will see what happens.