Indie Gala Bundle Adds Finding Teddy, Proceeds Benefiting AbleGamers

The Indie Gala is selling an indie game bundle to rival the popular Humble Bundle, hosting the sale of eight indie games at a pay-what-you-want price point. There are minimum break points however, and the smallest you can donate, and still receive a game, is one dollar.

The one dollar tier includes Cubicity, a 2D physics-based puzzle game, Interstellar Marines, an old school tactical FPS, and Rush Brosa music reactive Platform Racing Game. The price you select to pay can be split however you want between the developers, the Indie Gala staff, the charity they support (AbleGamers), or it can go toward Indie Gala’s Project X, a game development project.

At the six dollar tier, which is the minimum amount to receive all the games in the bundle, you’ll find Beast Boxing Turbo, a first-person boxing game, Sang-Froid: Tales of WerewolvesInterstellar Marines: Spearhead EditionPixelJunk Shooter, and Finding Teddy.

The AbleGamers charity was established to help children and adults with disabilities and veterans after war trauma with being able to play video games (as the name would imply).

The Indie Gala bundle can be found on the Indie Gala website, and will be available for nine more days, ending around 6 p.m. EST on the Feb. 19.

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