Week of Love: 5 Game Relationships That Should Have Happened

What’s love got to do with it? Game relationships I mean. Most games have a specific set of love interests for our playable characters and sometimes those pairings lead us to desperately searching fan fiction (and sometimes really, really bad fan fiction) just for a taste of something of more substance. If this Valentines Day leaves you pining for someone new, your ship is about to take sail. Look nor further than these 5 lovable companions and NPCs you can’t seem to get away from.

5) Alyx Vance – Half-Life 2


She’s beautiful, a brilliant hacker, and frees Gordon from the G-Man’s influence. What more could we ask for? Alyx has always been there for Gordon and we always silently prayed that they would get together. I mean, even her father seemed like he hoped something would come between the two. Even in a commentary during the Dark Intervention chapter, a developer verified that a relationship between Alyx and Gordon was intended.

4) Craig Boone – Fallout New Vegas


Fatalistic and blind-sighted by his hatred for the Legion, the NCR sniper that has our backs would have been a perfect match for our Courier if an actual relationship was actually able to happen in Fallout New Vegas (and we are not talking about one of the prostitute flings).  Between helping him get revenge for his deceased wife and kid, and helping him battle his demons at Bitter Springs, there had to have had something go on between them, or at least a drunken New Vegas wedding with the Yes Man officiating.

3) Moria Brown – Fallout 3


The annoying but well-meaning owner of The Craterhead Supply would be a perfect match for our Lone Wanderer. It’s easy to imagine that after every task she gives them, she nursed them back to health, wrapped their bandages, and then send them off on another zany task for her Wasteland Survival Guide. It’s like having a personal lab rat while having the perks of love. It doesn’t hurt that she is also cute as a button.

2) Varric Tethras – Dragon Age 2


 The charisma! The chest hair! The crossbow complex? The lovable dwarven storyteller shot his way into our Femme Hawke’s heart when she first met Varric in Kirkwall. Throughout the party’s banter and his concerns about how she is handling certain events, their (platonic) relationship seemed to be the most natural as compared to the other love interest choices. We wonder if it really wasn’t Bianca that stood in the way, but he lacked a certain… broody demeanor.

1) Tifa Lockheart – Final Fantasy VII


Being romantically involved after being friends since childhood is the stuff that makes peoples heart melt. Throughout Final Fantasy, Tifa was a motherly figure towards Cloud. She took care of him in whatever he did. She seemed to pick up on all of Cloud’s emotions when no one else could, and developed an awkward crush on him. Even though there were many implications that Cloud felt something towards her, his flash back to the past was enough for us to pine for this ship to sail.