Portal: Survive! Creators Launch Kickstarter Campaign for New Portal Webseries

Brothers Colin and Connor McGuire have launched a Kickstarter campaign asking for $15,000 to fund a webseries based on Valve’s Portal franchise. Called Secrets of Aperture, the series is aiming for a 5-episode release that will be free to view on YouTube.

The brothers are the directorial duo that created Left 4 Dead: The Movie, The Violent World of Parker, and, most importantly, the live action short Portal: Survive!, which they wanted to use as a concept film for a bigger webseries that would borrow from the Portal universe.

Connor voiced the brother’s intent with the web series in their Kickstarter pitch video. “We feel like we Portal fans out there deserve a quality webseries, a quality Portal film that you’ll be able to watch again and again and again, and not just like it because you’re a fan, but like it because it’s actually quality, it’s actually good, it’s something you actually want to see.”

Stretch goals promise additional content and up to 8 total episodes in the webseries, It may be free to view for the general public via YouTube, but backers of the project will be rewarded with behind-the-scenes footage and a DVD/Blu-Ray release containing all episodes of Secrets of Aperture upon the series’ completion.

To learn more about the series and the McGuire brothers, visit their Kickstarter page here.