World of Warcraft Subscriptions Increase In Last Quarter, Steady For Three Quarters

Blizzard announced in their quarterly earnings report on Thursday afternoon that their subscription base for World of Warcraft has increased 200,000 in the last quarter of 2013, rounding out a stable year of subscriptions. The subscriber count sat at 7.8 million as of December 31, 2013.

Mike Morhaime, CEO and President of Blizzard Entertainment, said that the increase of subscribers in the last quarter was likely to be attributed to hype generated by Warlords of Draenors announcement at Blizzcon, as well as the holiday season and sales.

Blizzard’s goal moving into this quarter is to come up with good ways to engage the World of Warcraft community, and one way they’re doing this is the continued release of more expansion information. New models and UI improvements are expected in a pre-expansion patch, and new upgrades are being tested on the Warcraft PTR.

Some changes in PTR include balance changes for Alterac Valley, a new PvP season, and scaled up celestial drops and vendor gear on the Timeless Isle.

Alterac Valley sees a much needed (many older players will tell you) adjustment to the mechanics. The bosses and NPCs in the battleground have received health boosts and are now immune to death grip, disarm and daze. This is intended to cut down on the current strategy employed by both teams of zerging the entire team to the enemy base and waiting for towers to be captured.

Source: SeekingAlpha,