NPPD Rush Milk of Ultra Violet

Who’s That Game? N.P.P.D. Rush – The Milk of Ultra Violet

Platform: Windows PC
Publisher: KISS Ltd.
Release Date: 12/10/2013


Who’s That Game stars our very own Aaron Randolph as he plays weird and unique indie games blind so you don’t have to.

This time I’ve managed to pick a doozy. N.P.P.D. Rush – The Milk of Ultra Violet is an “open-world bullet-hell shooter” according to its creators, but I call it an insane experience that assaults the eyes and melts the brain. Holy crap, this is the first game in a long time that I can genuinely say gave me a someone-please-kill-me headache after letting it violate my retinas. THIS GAME CAUSED ME LITERAL PHYSICAL PAIN. Even the travesty that was Seduce Me didn’t manage that.

I’m not saying the developers don’t have promise. The premise was intriguing, the gameplay wasn’t all that bad, and the music was solid, but according to the comments on their Desura page, they’re working on an Oculus Rift game; I’m begging them on my hands and knees to take some art and design aesthetics classes before they publish it, or else they could actually kill people with visuals like these.

If self-eye-torture appeals to you, you can check out N.P.P.D. Rush – The Milk of Ultra Violet for yourself on Desura for $2.99.