Transformers Universe Has A New Trailer, Promising Signs Before Summer Launch

Jagex, famous for their browser based MMORPG Runescape, is currently developing a browser based, free to play, Transformers MMO called Transformers Universe. The game is scheduled for release this summer.

The game has been in development for some time, and Jagex has finally released an impressive trailer to show some of what players can expect.

The game will feature the Autobots and Decepticons, and will feature action expected of not Runescape or Guild Wars, but more along the lines of League of Legends. The combat will be session based, and will play like a multiplayer online battle arena, with players controlling squads of their chosen faction. Chief Creative Officer Alex Horton told Game Informer last year, “As a game we sit within ‘the Prime continuity’, so we’re working within the overall Transformers story. We’ve a style and tone that’s our own but we’re still part of the overall Transformers’ universe. Transformers Universe is being built for online gamers – something to play and be part of.”

Outside of this, little is known about the game. However, the beta is being set up, and people can sign up on the Transformers Universe website.

Source: GameInformer