Top 5 Anticipated Mobile Releases for 2014

We’re already one month into 2014, and I’m glad to see you’ve all made it here alive. If you’re reading this and you haven’t- sterling commitment, there. January can be a quiet time for new releases, so to get you prepared for what the new year may bring, I’ve compiled a list of the mobile games I’m most looking forward to this year.


Third Eye Crimetopfive1

Developer: Moonshot Games

Third Eye Crime is a title that’s languished in development hell for some time now. Originally billed to be released last Spring, the game combines a mixture of top-down stealth and puzzle elements. In order to progress through each level, the player must draw a path that avoids security systems and guards alike, utilizing skill, quick-thinking and the player character’s psychic powers.  Everything is tied together with a noir-themed art style, both in the graphics of the actual gameplay and the comic-book, sin-city-esque cut-scenes that link each level. The developer, Moonshot Games, seems to be focused on creating a responsive, smart AI, to make the game both challenging and interesting. Third Eye Crime promises to be a moody, challenging title, and I can only hope it gets to see its release soon!



Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

There’s very little I can say about Hearthstone that hasn’t been said already. Blizzard’s World of Warcraft card game features in-depth, ruthless strategy presented with a clean, colorful finish. Players collect cards in order to assemble and optimize their deck, which they can then use to challenge players from around the world. The beta version for mac and PC is available now, but personally I’m waiting for the launch of the full game; this will include the iOS release. The game is controlled by moving virtual cards around an in-game table, which to me looks perfectly suited to touch controls. I look forward to playing Hearthstone on my tablet later this year.



Developer: Loveshack Entertainment

Of all the games on this list, Framed is the one that I’m least certain will be any good, but am most eager to try. The game is presented as a series of scenes in a story; by solving puzzles and altering the events of these individual scenes in one of any number of ways, the player can drastically change the course and overall outcome of said story. In order to do this, each scene is displayed in a storyboard fashion. The player moves the individual panels of the storyboard around to change the order and therefore meaning of events. It’s an ambitious premise, and one which could wither work fantastically or fail crushingly. I’m incredibly excited to try Framed for myself, and I have every hope that the developers, Loveshack, can live up to their promises. If they do, they could have something seriously interesting on their hands.


FTL: Advanced Editiontopfive4

Developer: Subset Games

I had a blast playing FTL on the PC. For anyone who may have missed the boat, it’s a roguelike RTS set in space, with a surprisingly rich cache of lore, a bunch of different options in terms of which gameplay elements to utilize, and near endless replay-ability. Like my feelings with Hearthstone, however, I always had the nagging sense that it would work great with touch controls…

Well, now I get to find out. The recently announced ‘Advanced Edition’ launches as both an expansion to the pre-existing PC title and a separate iOS application, designed for tablets. New features include new sectors, events, weapons and abilities, and the interface has been slightly re-designed to provide ease of play on touch devices. Unfortunately, Subset has given up on bringing the game to phones because of the lack of screen space. If you own an iPad, however, look out for the release of FTL early this year.


Chroma Squadtopfive5

Developer: Behold Studios

Behold Studios won my heart in 2012 with the delightfully witty, clever and addictive Knights of Pen and Paper. The game playfully lampooned all aspects of the RPG genre, both in terms of videogames and table-top games. But it was more than just a parody; it was a tribute. The game was, in its own right, a respectfully raucous rpg adventure, and every joke made and finger pointed was done with genuine affection. Behold’s newest, kick-starter backed romp looks to do exactly the same thing; except with sentai.

Chroma Squad puts you in charge of a brand new team, and your job is to manage the studio so that you can film and direct a series of episodes. You make money to spend on new lighting equipment, sets and special effects, so that each episode becomes more exciting and thus more lucrative. However, as your actor’s imaginations run wild, they start to imagine that the play-fighting is real. It then becomes your job to direct their battles in true sentai style, complete with team-ups, mega-weapons and the all-important corny poses. I really can’t tell you how excited I am for this, and if you are in anyway fond of Power Rangers, Changeman or any other show in the same vein, I suggest you check Croma Squad out. The game is set to be released early this year on iOS as well as Steam.

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  1. SerialViewer

    Oh lord, if they allow us to link up our accounts for PC Hearthstone to Mobile Hearthstone, I’m going to end up playing that game way, way too much.

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