An Interview With Skyjoy

I recently had the chance to talk to newly formed mobile developer Skyjoy Interactive about it’s upcoming game Super Kid Cannon. The studio’s first foray into game development is described as being a “vertical launcher” – a title focused on unique platforming. Skyjoy was even confident enough to call Super Kid Cannon a “Mario meets iOS” style game. The short, albeit focused interview sheds some light into this studio’s approach to game development, and their inspiration behind Super Kid Cannon.

Founding members Alex Portilla, Miguel Portilla, and Abboudi Taher are credited with answering all of the following questions collectively.

Alex Gilyadov: What was the idea behind Super Kid Cannon?

SuperKidCannon2Skyjoy: We had been making games for a long time (mid-80s), had worked for AAA developers, and decided we wanted to bring our intense, bordering-on-creepy passion (kind of like the passion possessed by that uncle or aunt that hits on you at family outings) for making games entirely out into the open. We were tired of holding back and being held back. We had grown up around potent Nintendo and Disney influences which impacted us heavily, and we wanted to use that influence, combine it with a dollop of love, creativity, and quality craftsmanship, and bring that hodgepodge of gaming deliciousness to mobile devices. We want Super Kid Cannon to be the face of mobile gaming the way Mario is the face of the big N, and we believe we’e on our way to accomplishing that. We can’t wait to launch this thing! From a cannon in Miami, all the way to New Zealand! Get ready!

AG: In your press release, you mention that Skyjoy caters towards old school gaming. What does that mean exactly, and how does this particular philosophy come into play in Super Kid Cannon?

Skyjoy: We believe that games like Mario and Donkey Kong were great because they were the complete package. The makers loved to make kick ass games. It was gamers making games for gamers out of love. Not obnoxious corporate entities vying for ways to milk as much money out of their consumers as possible. Bump that! We’re taking it back to the old-school, where amazing gameplay, graphics, creativity, music, and a total package ruled the day. And we are confident you’re going to see all of that awesomeness in SKC.

AG: What influenced Super Kid Cannon’s unique art style and aesthetic?

Skyjoy: Games like Mario, Donkey Kong, and Sonic had an influence, but, our artists are so crazy talented, we knew we could come up with something original and beautiful. In short, the things we love, Nintendo, Disney, and old-school games influenced our style and aesthetic.

AG: Does developing for the iOS and Android platforms change how you approach your projects?

Skyjoy: Not particularly. We’ve spent over a year and a with a team of about 20 people (roughly 5 horsepower?) to get SKC where he is today. Whatever you do in life, if you love it, you do it with hard work and dedication regardless of the platform.

SuperKidCannon3AG: Any benefits from developing for mobile platforms? Any obstacles?

Skyjoy:We believe the benefit is the audience. Everybody’s got a phone, so everybody can play the game. We wanted SKC to be acessible, and we’re making that happen. There are always obstacles, but nothing a cannon shot, or a sling shot from a windmill cant break through.

AG: How does Super Kid Cannon utilize its platforms?

Skyjoy: Have you not seen the screen shots?  With flying colors baby! After all, he’s a red panda traveling via cannon. But honestly, we think we are utilizing the platforms impeccably. Free download, social integration, costumes and power-ups for purchase, and more baddies than you can shake a cannon at.

AG: When can we get our hands on Super Kid Cannon?

Skyjoy: I can’t give you an exact date, but I should be able to get you a playable version very soon, as we plan on launching in New Zealand this month (February 2014). So keep those eyes peeled and stuck on that app store/google play.

I would like to thank Skyjoy and its founding members Alex Portilla, Miguel Portilla, and Abboudi Taher, for participating in this interview. Despite the mobile platform being filled with mediocre titles, Skyjoy’s authenticity (it’s filled with veteran developers) will help infuse that particular market with exceptional offerings. Super Kid Cannon is coming along nicely, and looks like a hell of a fun time.