The Division In No Trouble, Says Ubisoft

Ubisoft announced today that it’ll have UK studio Ubisoft Reflections join Ubisoft Massive to develop the upcoming Xbox One, PS4, and PC Tom Clancy game The Division. But this does not mean that the Ubisoft Massive is facing any sort of development issues

“That’s absolutely not the case,” Reflections managing director Pauline Jacquey told Develop. “This is part of a global model that Ubisoft has been deploying in the past seven or eight years. It’s also classic team size management. You don’t want your team to be too big when you’re in the initial phase of conception, when you need a lot of agility,” she added. “But when you’re in full production–and given that the game’s scope is gigantic–it needs a big team behind it.”

It’s not clear as to how far along The Division is in development, but Jacquey did state that her studio will work on the game’s main characters, RPG pillars, online components, enemies, and will help build the game’s setting of Manhattan.

Ubisoft Reflections previously developed Watch Dogs and Far Cry 3.

(Via: Gamespot)