Double Dragon Neon Now Available On Steam

Under their new indie label Midnight City, Majesco Entertainment has announced that Double Dragon: Neon is now available on Steam. The well-received cooperative brawler is listed at $9.99, and comes with full Steam integration and online cooperative play.

For those of you who are only familiar with the early Double Dragon games, or not at all, Double Dragon: Neon stars the brothers Jimmy and Billy Lee, as they punch, kick and otherwise brawl through an assortment of side-scrolling stages in pursuit of the kidnapped Marion, in what is probably the best love triangle in gaming. One unique feature of Neon is the ability to gather mixtapes that give you various enhancements, and all come with a sweet retro soundbyte. If you are looking for a fun cooperative brawler this isn’t light on nostalgia, look no further. If there is a better way to transfer health than via high five, like you can do here, I want to see it.

The soundtrack has also received critical acclaim, and plays an integral part in the Double Dragon: Neon experience. Composed by Jake Kauffman, who is also working on the upcoming Kickstarter project Shovel Knight, it perfectly captures the 80s feeling it is going for, but with a modern flair.  If you are a fan of it, you can pick the soundtrack up for free or via donation here.