Destiny To Be The Best Selling Game IP Of All Time, According To Activision

Activision Blizzard released an investor report today which reveals that the company’s 2013 calender year earnings were much better than first anticipated.

“For the calendar year 2013, GAAP net revenues from digital channels were $1.56 billion and represented 34% of the company’s total revenues,” said the release.

The company’s CEO Bobby Kotick said, “2013 was a transformational year for Activision Blizzard and for our industry. Our transaction with Vivendi returned us to independence and eliminated the challenges and constraints of being a controlled company. The continued success of our games delivered better-than-expected financial results.”

Kotick has high hopes for Bungie’s new IP, Destiny. “We expect Bungie’s Destiny, an innovative shared-world, first-person action game to be Activision Publishing’s next billion-dollar franchise,” he said. “We expect that Destiny will become the best-selling new video game IP in history.”

His, and the company’s lofty financial goals for Destiny shouldn’t come as a surprise, as they have “4 of the top 10 best selling games in North America and Europe.” All four of those games come from two major franchises that fueled Activision’s financial success, and are none other than Skylanders and Call of Duty.  

World of Warcraft also put up some significant numbers, as it “remains the number one subscription-based MMORPG, with approximately 7.8 million subscribers.”

Destiny is set to launch in September this year.

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