Double Helix Games Bought By Amazon, Killer Instinct Unaffected

Yesterday, Amazon acquired Killer Instinct developer Double Helix Games, including their intellectual properties Killer Instinct and the new Strider reboot, as well as their 75 person staff.  The staff will remain in their current building in Orange County, Ca. and will continue to support the currently available games.

Amazon told GameSpot that the acquisition of Double Helix was a part of their “ongoing commitment to build innovative games for customers.” Amazon intends to release an Android powered entertainment console later this year, which will allow the download and play of games, music, movies and TV shows. The target price point for the device is around $300.

Amazon has also delved into the market of in house game development before, hiring a development team, and a game writer, in the past.

It was also confirmed by Microsoft’s Phil Spencer that Killer Instinct would be wholly unaffected by the purchase of Double Helix. Microsoft owns the rights to the Killer Instinct franchise, and has contracted the game development to Double Helix. Spencer also noted later that development of Killer Instinct would continue into the future.

Killer Instinct is one of Xbox One’s 23 launch titles. It’s free-to-play, and allows the purchase of playable characters for $5. More content is expected in a second “season” sometime later this year.