Elder Scrolls Online Massive Stress Test This Weekend, Mass Invites

In a beta invite blast, Bethesda has invited more people to test the Elder Scrolls Online servers than ever before. Their goal is to have more people on to test than they had, to stress test the login and play servers with as many users as possible. The beta goes live on Friday, Feb 7 at 12 p.m. EST, but Bethesda’s attempt at stress testing is scheduled for noon EST Saturday.

Previous testers are invited back to test, and it is made clear that the existing game client will work like normal. There is a patch to be installed, but no additional downloads are required. Characters made in the previous beta event are still available to be played, as well. Since the last Elder Scrolls Online test, the voice actors for the game have been announced, and it seems possible that the recordings may be under test in this upcoming beta event.

Curse is also doing an Elder Scrolls Online beta key giveaway, so beta testers may be able to get friends in to join them in testing social aspects of the game as well. A reminder, however, that the beta is still under strict non-disclosure agreement, and as such, testers are not permitted to share anything from the test like screenshots, details, or videos. A watermarked background shows the tester’s email address to prevent users from posting any screenshots without repercussions.

The game is also available for preorder for $59.99 and is set for release on April 4, 2014.