Steam Music

Steam Announces Steam Music, Allows for Local Music Library Listening While Gaming

Steam recently announced Steam Music, which will allow Steam users to listen to their local collection of music while playing games.

Steam Music can access your computer’s directory of music from the hard drive, presenting all of it in a visual-oriented layout. Its closest resemblance, visually, would be to iTunes. To access Steam Music, users would need to either use their controller’s guide button or from the main menu in Steam Big Picture. Music can be sorted by artist and album.

Steam will offer Steam Music in beta form for Big Picture and SteamOS. Integration with the desktop version of Steam will come afterward, though no specific dates for either were offered. According to Steam, it is beginning “with what we believe to be the most fundamental set of features to offer a great music listening experience within Steam.”

Keep in mind, however, that Steam Music is independent of Steam’s previous announcement, which revealed that streaming music, movies, and TV shows would make their way to Steam.

Source: Steam Community via Polygon