Ace Combat Infinity Beta Now Live, Exclusively On PlayStation 3

The Ace Combat series, famous for highly detailed aerial combat games, is expanding into the free-to-play game market, with Ace Combat Infinity testing on the PlayStation 3.

The beta allows PlayStation 3 owners on PlayStation Network to access the game to test the Ace Combat servers through Feb. 11, 2014. The beta features single-player missions and multiplayer co-op. Beta testers are encouraged to provide their feedback during the test, so Namco Bandai can make improvements and fixes before the release later this year.

ace combat

The multiplayer system doesn’t see players pitted against other players directly, but rather co-op teams competing to see who can inflict the most damage on the computer controlled enemies.

The beta can be downloaded online or directly through the PlayStation store on the PS3.

The business model for the game revolves around a system known as the “Sortie Fuel System”.  This allows players to only fly two missions every four hours, with the opportunity to purchase more fuel with real world currency.

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