Flash Game of the Week: Tesla War of Currents

The war between Tesla and Edison has finally reached a tipping point, and now it is your job to guide Tesla to victory over Edison.

Tesla War of Currents could be classified as a reverse tower defense game. Like in the game Villainous you control the units that will fight the defensive towers as you try to reach your target. Now it is your turn to be the aggressor instead of always being on the defensive.

In each level you must guide Tesla around the map to reach the end of the level or complete a certain objective. These objectives can include destroying all enemies, rescuing dogs, and powering up electrical towers.

One of the cool things about Tesla War of Currents is that you can control the direction or path Tesla travels. At each intersection in the game you can choose which direction Tesla will take, giving you the power to decide on which enemies you want to attack or whether it would be better to run to the finish line.

Throughout the game Tesla is not alone as you have robot soldiers that you can buy that will help you take down enemy towers. The robots represent most common towers used in traditional tower defense games, such as the standard rifle robot, to a mortar-lobbing robot, to a robot that repairs others. You can also decide on the order you want to place your robots and you can switch up the order at any time. This gives you the flexibility in how you want to fight in different sections of the map.

After each level, you gain stars based on your performance that can be used to increase the abilities of Tesla and his robots. You can gain up to three stars for beating each level, and you get at least one for just completing the level. You can gain extra stars by passing certain requirements such as defeating a certain amount of enemies to not having Tesla die in a level.

Tesla is often an intense battle as the titular hero and his troops are not overpowered and can be killed easily if you are not paying attention. I was on the edge of my seat as I had to make sure that my troops were at full health and staying on the right path. You also have to make split-second decisions on whether to go for that extra kill or to make a mad dash for the exit. If you don’t stay focused you run the risk of having your entire army wiped out in a blink.

The gameplay is fun and fast-paced and you have to keep your eyes glued to the screen at all times. This game keeps your attention and there is something satisfying in seeing Tesla just blow away robots with a gun that shoots electricity.

Tesla War of Currents is perfect for those that want to try a new take on the tower defense genre and want some fast-paced action, as well. Also, who doesn’t want to help Tesla beat Edison for once?

You can play Tesla War of Currents at Newgrounds:  http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/632541

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