Elite Systems Blasted By ZX Spectrum Developers For Unpaid Royalties

Elite Systems, developer of the ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection app and several classic ZX Spectrum games, is being blasted by fourteen game developers responsible for several of the games available on the iOS and Android app, released three years ago. The developers claim that Elite failed to follow through with royalty agreements, having not paid out any royalties in the three years it has been on the market.

Elite launched a Kickstarter raising money to develop a new Bluetooth ZX Spectrum keyboard, and the game developers have come forward in the comments, urging people not to support the company.

“Don’t let this go through,” said Costa Panayi, developer of Tornado Low Level and Highway Encounter. “Elite has been selling my games since 2010 and has never paid me a penny. Others are in the same position. If this goes through you will lose your money.”

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Other developers also voiced their concern. Mike Lewis, developer of Redhawk and Kwah added, “Like Costa I also signed an agreement with Steve Wilcox and Elite and have yet to receive a royalty statement, any payment or even a response to emails. Please don’t buy Redhawk and Kwah through Elite. They need to pay the original developers they are trumpeting about having the licenses from before developing new projects.

“My contract with Elite Systems for Redhawk and Kwah states 50 per cent of the revenue to be payable as royalties to me and for quarterly royalty statements to be made. I was even sent a sample royalty statement. Since signing the contract and Redhawk and Kwah appearing as in-app purchases on the IOS store I have heard nothing from Steve Wilcox or Elite at all.”

The Kickstarter for the keyboard was successful, raising 63 thousand pounds of its 60 thousand pound goal.

The complete list of developers claiming the lack of royalties payments can be found on CVG.

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