Sailor Moon Retrospective Review Part 8: Swimsuit and Dress Edition

The eighth part of this retrospective review will cover episodes thirteen and fourteen. It is more filler, with Nephlite carrying out the same plan over and over again, expecting to get different results. Honestly, it is getting harder and harder to talk about Sailor Moon with each passing week. There are only so many times I can bring up the Negaverse’s incompetence or rant about Serena’s lack of focus. Next week will be more filler unfortunately.

In the thirteenth episode, Nephlite targets one of Serena’s school teachers that is about to get married. The item in question is fabric for a wedding dress, which takes over the school teacher and turns her into a lead female singer of some crappy eighties band with a workout outfit that no one would ever want to be seen wearing. This episode focuses on wedding dresses and a contest where the winner goes to Hawaii. Serena and Rei to some small extent get obsessed over entering the contest even though neither of them are capable of making a wedding dress.  The fourteenth episode has a student at Rei’s school get the attention of the Negaverse because of his skill with a camera.  This leads to the possessed student having a swim suit contest in order to ‘capture’ the contestants and take their energy as well.

smr8_screenshot6There are quite a few decisions in this dubbing that do not make much sense. As an example, while Serena is day dreaming about being a bride married to Andrew and Tuxedo Mask why on earth did they decide to have Serena speak in that fake, atrocious french accent? Sometimes a fake accent can be funny, but in this case it is just painful on the ears and unnecessary. Then again, DIC did decide to put in those awful transitions and backgrounds that will forever taint the dub as a nineties cartoon.

At the very least, the monsters are starting to get fairly unique in this part of the show. First there is a massive humanoid spider, followed by a monster with an eye in its hand that is essentially a camera. Variety is, as they say, the spice of life and having all the monsters look different is a good thing. Of course, this eventually goes overboard to the point where the monsters are more parody than anything else, but more on that much later.

smr8_screenshot9Luna brings out a new gadget for the Sailor Scouts, a communicator that looks more like a calculator. Given when this show takes place, the fact that the communicator is smaller than a land-line phone is actually really impressive. However, I don’t see the point in having the screen by a tiny little circle in the right corner, seems like a bit of a design flaw. Of course, Serena abuses it like she does with the other gadgets she has given and uses it like it is a telephone that you would use to call your friends.

Interestingly enough, Serena finally steps forward and proves to be a little more capable in these two episodes than she has ever been so far. Not only does she not get saved by Tuxedo Mask two times in a row, but she also manages to solo the monster of the day in episode fourteen with her impressive dodging and jumping skills. Now if only she was like this more often, but that won’t happen until much later when there is a certain evil queen of the Negaverse to kill. She seems to always become super powerful when there happens to be a major baddy looking for a fresh can of whoop-ass.

smr8_screenshot14So it is going to be a few more episodes until the plot advances, but there will be some interaction between Molly and Nephlite soon which will be an interesting topic to discuss. After that it is only a matter of time before Sailor Jupiter shows up, and the plot will advance forward further with her arrival.