DS Games On The Wii U? Yes, Please And Thank You!

When we look back on the history of Nintendo’s handhelds, the DS is one of the most successful products that they’ve ever had. There was a very good reason for the high sales figures and that was the software’s library.  The DS had over 1200 games during it’s lifetime and sold over 150 million consoles to a very satisfied audience, a problem that Nintendo’s latest offering is having.

During their most recent investor meeting, Nintendo remarked that they were going to bring the DS’ heavyweight library to the Wii U Virtual Console.  While we don’t quite know how that launch would work or when Nintendo is planning on unveiling this new addition, there is no doubt in my mind that this is a brilliant idea.

Even the staunchest Nintendo defender has to admit that the Wii U eShop has been a little lackluster when it comes to its offerings.  The lack of content is a little disheartening so bringing over DS titles would certainly help and give Wii U owners a lot of choice before the major titles of 2014 come out.  There is nothing people love more than nostalgia as the fan excitement to Earthbound’s release showed, so bringing over DS titles could only help Nintendo in their quest to sell more Wii U’s.

ds virtual console

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the fact that I can play Earthbound on the Wii U and I do enjoy playing games from my SNES days but the DS had true depth when it came to the titles that it offered.  There is so much there and as person who no longer owns the Nintendo DS, it’d be nice to go back and play Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrows or New Super Mario Bros. again.

There is also the chance that Nintendo might add online services to the DS Virtual Console titles since a large number of games had online multiplayer mode.  In a world where online multiplayer is such a huge part of gaming, Nintendo could only be well serviced by adding more online features to the Wii U.

Of course this is just a band-aid on the problems that the Wii U is having but it’s enough to help loyal Nintendo fans for now.  The major problem that many gamers have with the console is its lack of content and giving owners access to the DS library can only help the Wii U’s reputation.

wiiu and ds

If priced reasonably at $10 or less, there is no reason for the DS Virtual Console not to be a success on the Wii U.  Again it can only help Nintendo stem the tide of criticism that they receive for the lack of games on their newest system.  If Nintendo pulls this off, can you imagine the different classic DS games that we might be able to play or in the future N64/GameCube titles?

I’m not saying that this would save the Wii U, there is a lot more work for Nintendo to do before the console can truly become a success.  But at the very least adding DS titles can only do more good than harm.  After all, what does Nintendo have lose?