PC Gaming Will Make $25 Billion Next Year?

The PC gaming market is a vast one, one that can be expensive and expansive. And it seems to just keep on growing, ever since about half way through the Xbox 360’s life span, PC gaming has shot up as one of the most played gaming platforms, and over the years has become much more accessible to every day users. But just how much is this market worth? One, maybe two billion? Nope, $25 billion apparently. The majority of gamers in the west coast have been shown to have mostly consoles until recently where PC gaming has become quite popular over there. The research firm “DFC Intelligence” predicts the PC market will increase over $3 billion dollars from last year, and claims “”core gamers seem to be willing to spend more money than ever.” But what do numbers mean? Where’s the proof in all this? How do we know PC gaming is actually making that amount of money? Well I can name a few more recent examples: The Next Car Game making $1 million in a week, or how quickly Rust made money on selling early access on Steam! It seems 2014 will be a great year for PC gamers and the market. With tons of games releasing and Steam being bigger than ever, this $25 billion goal is not too far fetched.