Minecraft PC Version Sells Over 14 Million Copies In Less Than 5 Years

Since its initial release as Cave Game in its pre-classic release in May 2009, Minecraft has sold more than 14 million copies on its PC version. This was announced by Nathan “Dinnerbone” Adams, one of Mojang’s Minecraft developers, over Twitter.


The game has gone through several iterations, with new features and bugfixes being released over the years.  Starting with a basic block breaking and placing proof of concept called pre-classic, there has also been classic (also called survival test), indev, infdev, alpha, beta, and release versions. Each stage also had incremental updates, and the game still receives snapshot updates (small incremental test updates) as well as complete major updates after testing.

As of December 2013, the Xbox 360 port of Minecraft had sold over 10 million copies, as had the Pocket Edition mobile version as of May 2013. The game has also been released on PlayStation 3 recently, and broke 1 million sales in the last week.

All told, Minecraft has sold over 35 million copies across all platforms, an outstanding feat for any game, but especially heartwarming for an indie developer turned famous development company.