Beatshapers Announces Ready to Run For PS4

On January 31,  Beatshapers announced that they are in the process of developing and publishing their newest Playstation 4 title, Ready to Run. Anticipated to be released later this year as a PS4 exclusive, Ready to Run will be a “furious RC racing game in a retro-futuristic setting“ and will offer over 15 different futuristic RC cars. Beatshapers also stated that Ready to Run will be part of a planned franchise.

The game offers several unique feature that enhances the retro-futuristic design. It will have highly responsive and arcade style gaming physics, various designs for all of the cars, endless track configurations for all of the racing modes set into a single city environment, two different multiplayer modes, and filtered scoreboards with an emphasis on your PSN friends’ scores.

Along with the game’s announcement, Beatshapers also released a short teaser trailer that leaves us craving more information about this anticipated title.

Beatshapers is a Ukraine based development company which has over 19 games available in the Playstation Network including several Playstation Minis, Jetpack Joyride, BreakQuest: Extra Evolution and the PS3/Vita StarDrone Extreme.

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