Xbox One Future Detail Rumors Leaked, New Games, White Xbox, Disc-free

A NeoGAF user has been posting Xbox One rumors over the last few days on the popular gamer and game development forum. Some of these rumors include leaks of in-development Xbox One titles, new hardware, and software updates scheduled for release.

The leaked information comes from user ntkrnl, who has been verified by Jason Schreier at Kotaku as connected to Microsoft. He says that there are several upcoming games, including a new Forza Horizon in the fall, details on a new Xbox One title called Sunset Overdrive, the release date for a Halo 2: Anniversary edition (Nov. 11) and Fable Legends expected launch window of summer 2015.

New hardware that was rumored includes a white Xbox One launch later this year, and testing and development on an Xbox One model that has no disc drive. These two rumors were backed up by The Verge’s Tom Warren, who has been known to be accurate on Microsoft-related leaks and rumors in the past. He also said that there will be a dashboard update in March aimed at fixing interface and party chat issues plaguing the Xbox One.

Finally, the user posted a mock-up design of a Titanfall Xbox One bundle. This bundle is confirmed by other sources to Kotaku, but has also been rumored to be cancelled. Titanfall is also being developed for Xbox 360 and PC, and a beta should begin soon.

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Titanfall is scheduled for release on March 11.  While the above bundle may not come to pass, the Titanfall controller is still real.

Source: Kotaku

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