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Project Nimbus Q&A with the Developers

A good number of recent mech-combat games have followed a trend of a weightier feel to the robots. While that is nice and a perfectly acceptable design decision, there’s nothing like flying at Mach-5 and stopping on a dime in 10 tons of metal death-machine. With the possibility of the rebirth of more fast-paced mech games, we couldn’t help but reach out to the developers, GameCrafterTeam, and their publishers KISS Ltd. about Project Nimbus, a mech-combat game that recently reached funding success on Kickstarter.


1. How long of a story campaign are you hoping to make at the initial goal?

At the initial goal we’re aiming to make 3 episodes that make up the campaign; each episode contains about 5 missions, each mission has 2-3 parts, and each part shall take 3-5 minutes. So it shall be about 2 hours long.


2. What inspirations pushed you along this path? How did they impact core design decisions?

Our team members are fans of many of the ‘real robot’ genre animations, comics and video games, so that influenced our work a lot. We pay homage to these anime and we put elements we think [are] awesome into the game.



3. Any general information you’d like to give about the Battle Frames? I.e. amount of customization on any given mech (both in visuals and in weapon loadouts).

There is no customization option at the moment. But there are many Battle Frame models, each coming with many variants and ace pilots’ specialized machines.


4. How much time have you spent to this point developing the resources for Project Nimbus? Did you start the campaign with only an idea and a framework or has significant work already gone on behind the scenes?

We have a playable game here. We’re in the middle of making story campaign content. It’ll be a long road before we arrive at the polishing phase.


5. How long do you expect to spend finishing Project Nimbus? And what are your long term plans for projects after Nimbus?

Given the success of our Kickstarter campaign and the extra content we will add to the game, it is way too early to give a date. We will be going away and reworking the schedule and will let everyone know soon. As for our next game…? We have loads of ideas but for now it is all about Project Nimbus.


Message from the dev team:Thank you very much for reaching us! We’ll make the best game we can to make sure that we don’t let our supporters down!”


Project Nimbus succeeded in its Kickstarter campaign and is buckling down to finish the remainder of the game. Follow them on their Steam Greenlight page or on their blog.


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