Lucario Returning to Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS

The latest playable character has been confirmed! Announced on the official Smash Bros website, Lucario, from the Pokemon franchise, is the latest returning entrant into the Smash Bros mix.  Lucario made his debut in Super Smash Bros Brawl, where there was a bit of speculation that he replaced Mewtwo, despite the two Pokemon having different move sets.

While Lucario has been confirmed, there is no word on if his Mega Evolution will be usable in some capacity. It’s easy to speculate that the ability to Mega Evolve could replace his Aura Storm Final Smash, but nothing has been confirmed. The odds of it at least making a cameo are pretty high though.

Lucario’s Pokemon debut was in the fourth generation of games, Diamond and Pearl, where he became a very popular Pokemon among players for a variety of reasons. He is part of the first set of Pokemon to receive Mega Evolutions, alongside other fan favorites such as Garchomp and Charizard.

The last piece of Smash Bros news was Ashley from the WarioWare series being announced as an Assist Trophy, and the latest newcomer announced was Princess Rosalina and Luma, from Super Mario Galaxy.Lucario2