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Why You Shouldn’t Trade In Your Xbox 360 Just Yet

Perhaps Santa was nice to you and brought you a shiny new Xbox One for Christmas, or maybe you’ve bought yourself one just to be at the forefront of gaming. You could even have spent most of your student loan (like a lot of people I know) buying the new console for one or two new games. To do this a lot of people will have packed away their precious Xbox 360 consoles, either for their trade-in value or to make space. Since I’m too poor to actually afford an Xbox One, and I’m quite the Xbox 360 fan, here’s a few reasons you may want to keep your Xbox 360 right now, just like I’m doing.

Reason 1: Look at the shiny new titles we’re still getting!

The Xbox One may be called the ‘future of Xbox gaming’ but the 360 still has an impressive selection of titles coming out in the near future, half of which will also appear on the Xbox One. For starters you have Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the final part in the Final Fantasy XIII series. With a beautiful world and living and expansive environments, you can already get the demo and it looks amazing on the Xbox 360. Also, there’s no Xbox One version of this title yet, so if you’re a Final Fantasy fan who wants to complete the saga (like me) then it’s either this or a PS3. It gets even better as you can get the Cloud Strife costume for Lightning, and who wouldn’t want to play as one of Final Fantasy’s most iconic characters?

Another Xbox 360 and PS3 title (not coming to Xbox One yet) is Dark Souls 2. Just in case you didn’t pull out enough hair with the first title, the sequel promises more impossible boss battles, deadly enemies and combat that won’t get easier just because you can play it with a friend. The monsters are bigger and more twisted, your senses will be assaulted, and phobias twisted so far you may have to play the game in half-an-hour sessions. You can also customise your character in completely new ways. Who wouldn’t want to subject themselves to repeatedly dying on the same part for a year before finally getting the achievement of finishing it?

As for titles coming to Xbox One AND Xbox 360, you’ll be able to grab yourselves a copy of Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare (I’ve already pre-ordered mine) from the 28th February bringing the Plants vs Zombies conflict to a whole new age. There’s also the extremely beautiful Titanfall, which will either go really well or really badly and comes out 14th March (so far) and Destiny, the amazing new title from Bungie. With all these coming out (and many more) there’s no shortage of things to do on your Xbox 360 in terms of new titles!

Xbox 360 Titles 2014

Reason 2: Think of the money!

The main reason I haven’t got a new console is money. To grab yourself a lovely Xbox One, brand new, it’ll cost you a minimum of £400/$660, and this becomes even more expensive when you want to get games with it or the ‘premium editions’. The standard console from GAME will set you back £429.99, whereas a lovely Xbox 360 brand new will cost you about £199.99 (for the 250GB version). That’s already a saving of nearly £200. Then there’s the games. While they may be beautiful, the Xbox One titles do cost more than the Xbox 360 titles. Take Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare as an example: it’s currently around £34.99 to pre-order on Xbox One, but only £24.99 for Xbox 360. While money may not be a problem if someone buys you the console and the games, if you’re a poor student like myself it becomes a large reason not to get rid of your Xbox 360 console.

Reason 3: What backwards compatibility?

Backwards compatibility is a huge thing for me personally. Why would I want to spend years with one console, only for me to not be able to play any of my old games on the new console? A large portion of my gaming collection is Xbox 360, so getting an Xbox One and getting rid of my Xbox 360 would render all of them useless. Even trading them in would be worthless. Why would I want to trade in games that I love and haven’t even had a chance to finish yet? This applies whether you have a new console or not.

Granted it has been discussed that there is the possibility of adding backwards compatibility to the Xbox One console, with the use of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud architecture, which would be great, but this could be a long way down the line. In the meantime, what are you going to do, put all your Xbox 360 titles in a pile and watch them gather dust? Personally I say have fun on your 3 Xbox One titles, I’ll be sat over here playing Gears of War or Fallout 3!

No Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility

Reason 4: Your digital library needs you!

Remember all those lovely Xbox Live Arcade titles you may have downloaded, just for something new to try? Well the Xbox One doesn’t support them. At all. However the games will run on your Xbox 360 until your Xbox 360 eventually dies, so this is another thing that the Xbox One doesn’t actually support. If you’ve invested heavily in your XBLA titles then you may as well have thrown money at Microsoft for nothing.

Reason 5: You can still see your friends.

Most of my friends somehow managed to get an Xbox One as soon as it was released, which is great… Apart from when I want to play multiplayer with them now and they tell me they’ve all traded in their Xbox 360 titles. You’d think this would leave me with about 2 friends on my friends list, but luckily your friends list and achievements remain constant between both platforms. Your Xbox 360 tag becomes your Xbox One tag, your achievements will stay the same and you’ll still be able to talk to them, so there’s no need to purchase an expensive console just to be able to talk to them. Granted if you want to be able to play the titles you’ll need one, but other than that you can get along pretty well with your old consoles!

There you have it, a few reasons you should keep your Xbox 360 console for now instead of going straight to Xbox One or replacing it. You still have plenty of great titles to play (whereas the Xbox One doesn’t have that many released yet in comparison) and you can still see your friends. Plus you have access to your original Xbox games and XBLA titles. Perhaps one day I’ll manage to afford that new toy, but until then I’ll stick with my lovely Xbox 360.