Pokémon Animated Shows, Movies Now Available On Hulu And Hulu Plus

This morning, The Pokémon Company International announced that several animated Pokémon movies, animated series’ and animated specials will be coming to Hulu and Hulu Plus soon.  Some are already available on Hulu Plus, like the first season of the Diamond & Pearl story arc, as well as Pokémon Origins and the feature length film Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai.

More films, including Giratina & the Sky WarriorArceus and the Jewel of Life, and Zoroark: Master of Illusions will be available later on Hulu Plus.

Hulu Kids has five episodes from the Diamond & Pearl story arc as well as Origins.

Origins is a four part animated special that follows the story of the original Pokémon Red Version and Blue Version games. As the hero, Red, sets off from Professor Oak’s laboratory to explore the Kanto region, he’ll encounter the iconic and villainous Team Rocket, battle his rival Blue, and challenge the Pokémon League. The nostalgia will be tangible for those who have played the games in their childhood.


The first two episodes of the newest Pokémon the Series: XY will appear on Hulu as well.  This comes close to the launch of the XY trading cards, and the release of the soundtrack on iTunes.

Source: TriplePoint

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