Nobunaga the Fool Episode 4 Review: Like a 14 Day Trial

Episode four of Nobunaga the Fool was recently released. The fight between Shingen and Nobunaga ends shortly after Nobunaga receives a regalia from the midget Queen of Yamatai at a rather unexpected cost. The cost being, of course, that Nobunaga is to wed the Queen of Yamatai. This episode focuses on that particular event along with the Oda family planning their next move while Nobunaga does whatever he feels like doing.

As I had mentioned in an earlier review, I believed that it was possible that using a Grand War Armor put some amount of strain on the pilot. The start of this episode confirmed that theory, as Nobu collapsed at the end of the fight, while his opponent looked quite exhausted. I imagine at some point we’ll get more details on that strain.

ntf4_screenshot1More of the technological capabilities of the Star of the East are confirmed, via a massive airship under the control of Himiko, the Queen of Yamatai. The strange part is that it is implied that the ship has been around for generations and that nobody knows how to build it. So if it gets damaged how would they repair it if they don’t know how to build one in the first place? I mean, the fact that such a ship exists in the first place is surprising given that the first episode made it seem like the Star of the East was way less technologically sophisticated than the Star of the West.

Almost predictably, the possible formation of a love triangle is established in this episode. Himiko discovers that Jeanne is actually a girl and the two of them get into a big fight over cultural differences. It seems like Jeanne may possibly be starting to develop some sort of feelings for Nobu, even if she doesn’t describe him in a positive manner when she is talking with Nobu’s sister later on.

ntf4_screenshot2Speaking of Himiko, a betrothal ceremony is held in honor of her and Nobunaga at the advisement of Leonardo Da Vinci who believes that this is better than having a wedding. Also Nobu looks ridiculous in whatever that outfit is he is wearing, but I imagine that was his intention. Not sure why they are bothering with what is essentially a trial version of marriage, but I guess they had to do something in order to keep Nobu from completely tying the knot with Himiko. I imagine there will be some element of romance between Jeanne and Nobu, especially after that near kiss they had. I will give them credit for coming up with a very creative way to cut an obscenely large cake, assuming that was a cake.

While Nobu continues to be reckless and do whatever he feels like, his country works to defend its people and lands as they wait for reinforcements consisting of three hundred War Armors to arrive. I do wonder how helpful those three hundred War Armors will be, but I suppose they will be better than nothing. I get the feeling that War Armors from the Star of the West may be superior to the War Armors from the Star of the East and that will lead to a great deal of slaughter.

ntf4_screenshot4The question still remains as to when the Star of the West will make it’s move. Nobu believes that they will come to the Star of the East in the near future, but it is unclear what their objectives will be aside from recovering the Grand War Armor and possibly Leonardo Da Vinci. The Star of the West had no real presence in this episode save for Leonardo and Jeanne, but I imagine it is only a matter of time before characters like Julius Caesar return.

So what will happen next? Will Nobu and Himiko actually get married or will something put that on hold? Things are likely going to pick up from here on out, and there are likely many battles to come in future episodes.