The Next Car Game Makes $1 million in a Week

The Next Car Game, by Bugbear Studios is in its alpha stage and is, as of now, more or less a tech demo with a few really cool game modes. Nevertheless, the people will buy what they want, and it seems that is The Next Car Game. Alpha/Beta/Early access games have been a major hit recently, with games like DayZ, Rust, and this game. It seems they all sell really well and people seem to have faith in these early products, and have no problem spending some money on an unfinished game.

Throughout the website and Steam sales, The Next Car Game has totaled a million dollars in just a week, wow. For a game that is in an alpha stage, that is a good amount of money to keep the developers adding more and more content to the future of the game, however it turns out. The game is also in the top sellers chart in Steam and is quite popular among players and the YouTube community.

Hopefully sales keep up, and we see the game developed into a more full-fledged experience, rather than an awesome tech demo.

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