Sony Santa Monica Leaving Current Studio, Expanding

God of War dev Sony Santa Monica is leaving its current studio in Santa Monica for the Playa Vista neighborhood near Los Angeles airport.

Following a report from Variety, the new studio will have more conference rooms, a better sound bay, and enough room for a motion capture studio, as is the norm nowadays. The new studio will be “four or five times the size” of the current one. It will also house indie studios Giant Sparrow, known for their work on The Unfinished Swan and thatgamecompany, known for Journey, flOw, and Flower. 

The studio currently has 240 employees. Studio head Shannon Studstill has indicated that despite the scenery change there are no plans for massive expansion employee wise. No decision has been made on whether the name will undergo a change as well.

Santa Monica is currently working on an unannounced PS4 title, that might very well be God of War for the PS4. It is also helping out developer Ready at Dawn on the upcoming PS4 title, The Order: 1886, which will release sometime this year.