Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 Developer Announces “Player Appreciation Month” For February

Attempting to still smooth things over due to the litany of issues regarding Battlefield 4, DICE announced Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month.

Logging in to Battlefield 4 will net users either bronze (on weekdays) or silver (weekends) Battlepacks. These Battlepacks will contain varying items, such as XP boosts and character skins. Playing community missions will unlock gold Battlepacks.

In addition, every grenade and handgun unlocks will be available to players, with weapon shortcuts that unlock every DMR and shotgun in the game made available to Battlefield Premium members. A double XP weekend for all players will be set up, with Battlefield Premium members receiving an extra weekend of double XP.

According to DICE vice president and general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson, DICE is working on the game’s netcode, which would improve the game’s multiplayer experience. “If you are currently playing Battlefield 4, we hope you enjoy this monthlong community appreciation,” said Troedsson. “If you haven’t played in a little while, it’s a great time to get back in the game. Whoever you are, we appreciate the time you spend with Battlefield 4, we thank you for your support and we hope to keep hearing from you.”

Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month begins on February 1 and runs through March 6.

Source: The Battlefield Blog