Riot Games Has Released Impressive League of Legends Numbers

Developer Riot Games has released a set of 2014 League of Legends play numbers that solidify the game’s dominance and popularity. Such figures weren’t released for a long time.

2014 League of Legends numbers:

  • More than 67 million players play League of Legends every month (monthly active players)

(October 2012 comparable: “more than 32M”)

  • More than 27 million players play League of Legends every day (daily active players)

(October 2012 comparable: “more than 12M”)

  • During each day’s peak play time, more than 7.5 million gamers play League of Legends concurrently

(March 2013 comparable: “more than 5M”)

Riot Games has stated that they “are tremendously appreciative of every single player who has contributed to this growth.” This update was also released specifically to help better contextualize stories about League of Legends and esports. For all those League of Legends tournament fans out there, champion Thresh The Chain Warden remains the most used character in tournaments, with most wins with 4,275. He is followed by Teemo The Swift Scout with only 2,998 wins.

Their are currently several winter sales going on for those looking to buy some character bundles or skins.

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