PlayStation Plus Not Required For Elder Scrolls Online, Xbox Gold Is

For those of you plotting your journey into Tamriel when The Elder Scrolls Online comes out (read: almost everybody), a bit of news released today may help you make a decision on which console to play it on.  For gamers who will be enjoying Bethesda’s title on PC, feel free to leave smug remarks.  We won’t be mad.

In a Q&A on the EU PlayStation blog, ZeniMax game director Matt Firor explained that gamers who choose to play EOS on PS4 will not need a PlayStation Plus account to do so.  The $15 monthly subscription will still need to be played, but for PS4 users who don’t already have PlayStation Plus, that is all they will need to pay, along with the $60 base game.

Xbox One gamers, on the other hand, will need to have an Xbox Live Gold membership in order to enjoy the game.  Considering Microsoft’s stance on multiplayer behind a paywall, this isn’t surprising.  However, it may help you lean one way or another when making your purchase, so it is something to keep in mind.

The Elder Scrolls Online will be available April 4th for Mac and PC, and sometime later this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source:  Game Informer