EA Is The Number One Publisher On Next-Gen Systems

In a news release from EA, the company stated that they are the number one publisher currently for the newest generation of systems.  Even though they were recently voted the worst company in America, they are apparently starting this console generation out with a bang.

According to their numbers, they accounted for 35% of PS4 and Xbox One software sales.

“EA’s third quarter marked an exciting start to a new generation of games, and we are proud to have been the #1 publisher on next-generation consoles in December, with millions of gamers across the globe playing EA titles on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,” said EA Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson. “In addition to consoles, our mobile games, digital downloads and live services are growing year-over-year as we continue to deliver exciting new experiences to gamers around the world.”


That is a pretty staggering number.  Thanks in part to this, EA increased their digital net revenue by 27% in a year-over-year basis, up to $517 million.  In addition to that, their twelve month operating cash flow is up to $664 million, their highest since 2005.

A large boost came from the mobile sector, headlined by The Simpsons Tapped Out, which has generated an absurd $130 million this quarter.  Addition mobile and handheld digital sales exceeded $125 million, making for a very profitable quarter for EA.  It looks like our own Aaron Randolph isn’t alone when he says that EA isn’t as awful as everyone makes them out to be.

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