Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2 Developer Diary #2 Out Now

Konami has officially released their second “developer diary” detailing the open-world environment of Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2. It showcases how the world has been greatly expanded upon and how the level designs are all meant to be unique in one way or another.

While the developers talk about their inspiration and goals with the level design, the video showcases scenes from the gameplay. It’s definitely got heavily improved graphics, and each level looks beautiful in the video. The graphics retain the Castlevania style gothic design, while featuring a more modern design for certain sections of the game.

The developers go on to talk about how this game will feature a more open-world style, with players being able to explore both Dracula’s Castle and the city around it. They also discuss new and unique boss fights, while also being able to utilize modern technology for enemies and puzzles.

As for the story, it appears that this will be the showdown between Satan and Dracula, which has been building up since the first Lords of Shadows game. While Castlevania has always boasted an incredible bestiary- including famous characters such as Frankenstein, the Grim Reaper, and Medusa- Satan was entirely absent until the end of the previous Castlevania. Now it seems that there will be a greater build up to what is presumably the final showdown between the two villains, with Satan seeming to have a larger role in the story.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 will be released for PlayStation3, Xbox 360, and Windows PC in North America on February 25, 2014.