Critical Hit BeatBlasters III Makes Its Way To Steam

Small Quebec based studio Chainsawesome Games has shared new information regarding its first game, rhythm-based platformer BeatBlasters III. The title has already won several awards including Intel’s LevelUp, Best in Sound award.

The story behind the game is rather simple. Two kids named Joey and Gina, who both have different set of powers and music, have to save the inhabitants of the town of Accapella from a music hating butcher. The real focus of the game, however, is its unique approach to platforming.

Chainsawesome described the concept behind the title in full detail.

“Each character in Beat Blasters III has unique music as well as a unique special power to aid them on their quest. Each character also shares the same three main abilities, an attack power, a shield bubble, and jet boots,” the studio explains. “Each use of these items depletes their energy, which is recharged through accurate rhythm tapping. However, while building energy the heroes are unable to attack or defend themselves, making the pacing of energy growth and decline a frantic battle of the bands. Every level and battle is a totally unique experience, keeping the game fresh as the kids attempt to reach The Butcher and end his reign of silence. The better you do on each level the more stars you’ll earn towards unlocking 8 different weapons to use in your battle against silence.”

A release date for the game has not be revealed, but expect it to arrive on Steam soon. For more information, visit the game’s website.