Codename Y2K Will Be Playable at PAX East

The developers behind the smash indie hit Two Brothers will be showing off and playing their new full game, codenamed Y2K, at PAX East 2014. Ackk Studios released this information on a Destructoid podcast on Sunday.

Project Y2K takes place in an alternative reality in the year of 1999. The story of the Y2K is where mass fears of computers failing on January 1, 2000 which causes a world wide blackout and catastrophe. In this alternative reality, Y2K actually does happen.

Y2K is being made with the style of Mother-3, a RPG developed by Nintendo that was released in 2006. The game will feature a traditional JRPG-style overworld with a dynamic camera that is featured during the battles. Y2K will have influences range from fan-favorite JRPG Earthbound, and influences from Suda 51, developer of Killer 7 and the recent Killer Is Dead.

Project Y2K is schedule to be released on the PC, PS4, and Wii U.

PAX East 2014 is located in Boston during April 11 through April 13.

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