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Bluepoint Games Developing Titanfall For Xbox 360; Beta Coming Soon

Update: John Shiring of Respawn has tweeted a bit more information about the dedicated servers being used for all versions of Titanfall.

Given the recent issues that EA has had with launching dedicated servers for SimCity and Battlefield 4, this seems like a wise move. Microsoft has been touting their Azure network as a major advantage for the Xbox One, and this may prove to be the first major test of the system. It is also advantageous to not have the communities split across multiple server networks.

Original Story: Tonight, Vince Zampella of Respawn Entertainment made the announcement that Bluepoint Games would be developing the Xbox 360 version of his studio’s highly anticipated game, Titanfall. He made the announcement over Twitter stating:


Bluepoint Games was formed by former members of the team that made Metroid Prime, and is best know for their HD ports of games to other consoles. In the past, they have worked on such games as Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, the Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, and the God of War Collection, as well as porting Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale to the Playstation Vita. They also developed one of the first downloadable games for the Playstation 3 called Blast Factor. Bluepoint’s selection to develop the Xbox 360 version should put a lot of minds at ease who were unsure of what to expect from that version. Respawn had previously stated that the studio working on the Xbox 360 version had been hand selected by them.

While it was finally announced what studio is developing the Xbox 360 version of the game, there are still a lot of unknowns surrounding that version. There has not been any announcements of how the Xbox 360 gameplay will differ from the Xbox One and PC platforms, nor has there been any announcement as to whether Microsoft or EA will be handling the dedicated servers for the Xbox 360 version. Hopefully more details about the Xbox 360 version will be made available now that the studio has been officially announced.

Zampella also announced via Twitter that Titanfall would be receiving a beta on the PC and Xbox One, with no official dates mentioned and no word upon whether the Xbox 360 version would receive a similar treatment.



Overall, the picture of what we can expect from Titanfall is growing clearer with each passing day. It was recently announced that the game would feature no microtransaction. The fact that there will be a beta is reassuring to those that plan to purchase the game for PC and Xbox One, and we should have a much better idea of what to expect from those versions of the game following its completion. Check back in the coming days as more information becomes available.