Sailor Moon Retrospective Review Part 7: Consult the Stars

Part 7 of this retrospective review will be covering episodes eleven and twelve. Nephlite proceeds with some of his own plans for getting energy for the Negaverse, but ultimately those plans also fail. Mostly because Sailor Moon is the kind of anime where good will always triumph in the end. No new Sailor Scout this time though, so these episodes are basically the same only involving different people.

With Nephlite taking the front stage, he brings with him a set of new tactics. Where Jedite sought to gather as much energy from large groups of people as possible, Nephlite takes a much more subtle approach and focuses on gathering a maximum amount of energy from one individual at a time. He believes in some cycle where all humans live on a path divined by the stars. It sounds like a bunch of nonsense, but Nephlite seems to be able to determine who will be at their maximum energy potential by reading the prototype of a Galaxy Map from Mass Effect. Also, Nephlite knows how to travel in style given that red sports car he drives around in. I wonder how he was able to get that car. Also, Zoycite makes a quick cameo early on as she/he taunts Nephlite, telling him that he will meet the same fate as Jedite.

smr7_screenshot1In eleven his first target is a girl named Katie whom is very good at Tennis and is a close friend of Molly’s. Yes, Molly finds herself involved indirectly with yet another Negaverse plot. Won’t be the last time either, especially between her and Nephlite. So Nephlite’s plan unhatches as he plants a monster into Katie’s Tennis racket. The monster essentially possesses the individual and increases their energy output until it reaches its full maximum.

Meanwhile, Serena decides that she wants to prove herself after having a big argument with the other Sailor Scouts. Of course, if she had her priorities in order the fight would never have happened but Serena focusing and not being incompetent is something that will likely never happen. So while investigating the strange behavior of Katie with Molly, they see the monster get unleashed from Katie’s tennis racket. Highlight of the upcoming fight: Serena gets turned into a tennis ball and thrown around. Naturally, Tuxedo Mask shows up and assists Sailor Moon and she finally kills the monster.

smr7_screenshot6Nephlite’s next target is a man at the local park known as Mr. Baxter. Mr. Baxter is frustrated because the park is being destroyed to make room for a business building. Nephlite takes advantage of that and gives him the power to make his anger take control over nature and make squirrels attack people like it is the setting for some kind of horror movie. Of course the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask dispatch the monster as always, so let’s look at the subplot of the twelfth episode.

Rei becomes very . . . interested in Darien. To the point that she obsesses over him in a way that is very much out of character for her. Eventually she manages to get a date out of Darien, involving milkshakes and a boat ride out into the middle of the lake. While that does provide reason for Rei and Darien to be in the area to fight the monster, Darien gives a subtle hint about his interest in roses. Hmm, I wonder if that was intended as an obvious heads up about the fact that he is Tuxedo Mask. Also, Serena jealously spies on the two as they go on the date to comical effect as she runs away from Molly’s future boyfriend Melvin.

smr7_screenshot7With these episodes you could honestly watch one or the other and it would essentially be the same experience, and you wouldn’t miss much if you didn’t watch the other. The next few episodes are likely going to play out the same exact way, but things will change the pace of Sailor Moon once Sailor Jupiter comes in. Quite a bit to talk about there.