Who’s That Game? 3089 (PC)

Platform: Windows PC           Developer: phr00t           Publisher: phr00t           Release Date: 1/10/2014


Who’s That Game stars our very own Aaron Randolph as he plays weird and unique indie games blind so you don’t have to.

In the inaugural episode of Who’s That Game, Aaron survives the large and mostly empty world of 3089 on the PC, at least until death lasers rain from the sky. 3089 is a voxel-based (think Minecraft) sci-fi open-world first-person-shooter role-playing-game that was entirely developed by one person, phr00t, and it is the sequel to another of his/her games, 3079.

The full game of 3089 is available on Steam for $9.99, and the timed demo is available for download here.