Nintendo Drug

New Drug Called “Nintendo” Surfaces in Belgium

Evidently, a new drug called “Nintendo” has popped up in Belgium as a club drug. The drug contains a high dosage of MDMA, also known as ecstasy, and has been put up on the Belgian early warning system on drugs. Even if you can’t read German, it’s easy to figure out that the drug is very dangerous.

While researchers are looking into the therapeutic benefits of MDMA, it is still most certainly a dangerous drug right now. Frequent usage can lead to increased depression and anxiety, and overdosing has a variety of consequences including memory loss, vasculitis, and death. Four out of five doctors agree that dying is bad for your health.

While the drug is likely named Nintendo to catch the attention of the consumer, it goes without say that it has no relation to anything even remotely Nintendo related. It is a dangerous drug that should not be consumed in any dosage, and ignoring the potential harm can be extremely bad for your health.